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From Hurt to Happiness: A 60 Day Journal.

A 60 Day Journal to go from Hurt to Happiness through Forgiveness

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From Hurt to Happiness: A 60 Day Journal.

In "From Hurt to Happiness," master life coach and renowned happiness expert guides you on a transformative journey towards forgiveness and ultimate happiness. This 60-day journal provides a comprehensive roadmap for releasing the weight of past hurts, cultivating compassion, and embracing personal growth.

With expert guidance, you'll explore powerful concepts such as acceptance, empathizing with offenders, stress management, and self-reflection. Through 60 thought-provoking activities and areas of reflection, this book offers a 60-day forgiveness and happiness challenge suitable for all ages.

Discover how acknowledging past hurts, seeking support, and practicing gratitude can pave the way for healing and joy. Dive into self-care, journaling, and empathy exercises that will reshape your perspective and empower you to let go of negative emotions.

"From Hurt to Happiness" equips you with practical tools to manage stress, nurture relationships, and expect nothing in return from those who have caused pain. You'll learn to focus on personal growth, embrace transformation, and live a life filled with love, happiness, and fulfillment.

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