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Seeking Happiness: A 12 Step Approach to Happiness and Personal Fulfillment.

12 Steps to Approach Happiness and Forgiveness

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Seeking Happiness: A 12 Step Approach to Happiness and Personal Fulfillment.

This book, Seeking Happiness: A 12 Step Approach to Happiness and Personal Fulfillment, highlights the 12 areas in life that significantly influence human happiness and emotional transformation. Seeking Happiness contains the 12 steps to create happiness and emotional transformation in my life over the years. I developed the 12-step process to reflect a wheel, an amplified version of the happiness wheel, where each area must be improved for life to roll smoothly. This book highlights stories from my life that give insight into how a change in perspective can significantly impact happiness. It identifies the situations instrumental in changing my outlook and directing my happiness journey. Many of the individuals and events that created the lessons and the environment for change are included in this book.

The design of this book was created to give a background of each step, a personal example, the application, a self-reflection (making it work), and a next step plan (your plan and growth). I know that happiness and emotional transformation take work and time; however, living in regret is equally painful, costly, and time-consuming. It is impossible to do everything you set out to do in life. Still, you can significantly enhance your happiness and emotional transformation levels by feeding the 12 crucial facets of life.

Other areas of significant importance are managing personal thinking, working on goals, and our perspective in and of life. Anyone who develops a plan for life by first writing down goals, prioritizing them, creating a plan of action, executing the steps to accomplish the plan, analyzing the success, adjusting, and moving forward, will achieve increased success. Successful people have routines, and they leave lots of clues. Change may be difficult initially, but it will become a habit. Over time, practice and persistence will make us good at whatever we set our minds to do. I wish you success as you work towards happiness and emotional transformation.

The topics for transformation in this book include:
- Self-love
- Emotions and mood
- Physical Environment
- Health
- Family and friends
- Significant others
- Fun and recreation
- Career and purpose
Money and finances
Spiritual Health
Vision, Goals, and Growth
Time management

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