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Intimacy is a Verb: Continually Investing in Your Partnership

In healthy relationships, both individuals continue evolving, learning, and improving over time. However, if partners feel they are growing apart, pursuing personal development separately, or remaining stagnant as a couple, resentment and disconnection creep in. By sharing growth experiences, supporting individual journeys, mixing up routines, and continually investing in the partnership, couples can nurture the love that flourishes across the seasons of life.

Growing Side-By-Side

Make learning and self-improvement a shared endeavor by engaging in growth activities as a couple. Take a class together on an interesting new topic, read personal development books aloud to each other, and discuss thought-provoking podcasts and documentaries. Pursuing common goals like getting physically fit or building a new skill allows you to cheer each other on while forming new shared memories and interests.

Championing Different Development Paths

While growing together is important, partners will also have distinct interests and opportunities for personal evolution. Support and encourage each other's unique growth pathways with curiosity and grace, even if they do not perfectly align. Avoid comparing or competing over progress. Be each other's biggest fans while respecting different ways of thriving. Seek to understand how your partner's journey expands their heart and mind.

Mixing Up Stale Routines

When couples start feeling stuck in stale routines, they risk taking each other for granted and losing their sense of adventure. Introduce novelty by trying new hobbies together, traveling somewhere out of the ordinary, or breaking everyday patterns to spark fresh perspective. Inject your routine with play, creativity, and a beginner's mindset. Stay open to each other's changing needs and passions. New experiences keep your relationship vibrant.

Continually Investing in Your Partnership

Couples must devote time and energy to nurturing intimacy and friendship to grow well together. Plan weekly check-ins to discuss goals, feelings, and ideas. Show daily interest in each other's growth. Maintain mutual respect and admiration through life's changes. Keep dating and complementing one another. No matter how long you've been together, your relationship will thrive when you devote yourself to lifelong understanding and appreciation of your partner.

In lasting relationships, both partners need to keep evolving as individuals and making growth a shared endeavor. However, disconnection results if couples start feeling stagnant or like they're growing apart. This blog offers tips to foster lifelong development together, like engaging in learning activities as a team, championing each other's personal growth paths, introducing novelty into stale routines, and consistently investing time into the relationship. It emphasizes embracing fresh experiences together while also applauding individual passions. Though each person takes their own road, couples can walk side-by-side when they share adventure and encouragement. Continual growth cements strong bonds.

Dr. Siegfried Howell

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