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Through Thick and Thin:The Motivating Power of Encouragement

Feeling alone in adversity or unsupported in achieving dreams can slowly dissolve relationships. But when partners stand together through thick and thin, bonds grow unbreakable. By being present during hardships, cheerleading goals, and upholding one another consistently, we experience the power of true partnership.

Providing Unwavering Support

Partners need to know they don't have to tackle tough times or big dreams alone. Provide steadfast emotional and practical support when your partner faces professional obstacles, health issues, family loss, or other hardships. Listen without judgment, validate feelings, and offer reassuring words. Help reduce stress in tangible ways when possible. Your commitment to encouraging through storms speaks louder than sympathy alone. Choose to be their anchor when the seas of life are rough.

Fueling Each Other's Purpose

Supporting a partner's passion projects, career aspirations, and purpose fuels their joy and success. Discuss dreams regularly and brainstorm how to nurture them. Be their loudest cheerleader by asking engaging questions, celebrating milestones, and helping remove obstacles. Share articles or connections aligned with their goals. Have faith in their abilities even when they doubt themselves. Your belief can be the wind in their sails when motivation lags. Champion each other's potential.

Building Each Other Up Daily

Don't reserve encouragement only for monumental moments. Offer genuine praise, compliments, high-fives, and other motivational boosts consistently to reinforce your faith in each other. Point out progress and growth you notice. Send supportive texts when apart. Write loving notes of appreciation. Look for big and small opportunities to validate your partner's worth and lift them higher. Your words have the power to inspire.

Being Present in Hard Times

When your partner is grieving or stressed, supplant advice with your calm presence. Provide tangible help when needed, but sometimes your unwavering company through the valley is what ushers them through. Reassure you'll weather the storm together. Avoid distancing during difficulties. Your partner should never question if you'll walk away when times get tough. Emotional and physical presence brings comfort and security no matter what life throws your way.

Dr. Siegfried Howell

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